March 1, 2022 | 1 minute read

Bracewell hosted a discussion on how advanced planning and rapid informed decision-making can create a safe environment and help prevent workplace violence and legal consequences for employers and employees. Our distinguished panel included Becky Baker, Chair of Bracewell’s labor and employment group, Dr. Kostas A. Katsavdakis,  one of the country’s leading experts on threat assessment, and Seth DuCharme, the former Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States, now a partner in Bracewell’s Government Enforcement and Investigations Group. During his time in various senior counterterrorism positions, Seth worked closely with Dr. Katsavdakis to develop the United States government’s Disruption and Early Engagement Programs. Ms. Baker regularly advises companies regarding all aspects of employment relationships, including workplace safety and associated policies. The panel discussed in specific terms how employers can acquire and implement reliable tools to detect indicators of an individual’s mobilization to violence, and how those tools can be synchronized with legal, policy and operational efforts so that decision-makers can act quickly to protect their employees from internal and external threats.