Our Commitment to Pro Bono Work

At Bracewell, our dedication to serving the public good is a cornerstone of our identity. We trace our pro bono commitment back to founder J.S. Bracewell, who was revered as a champion for the underdog. J.S. Bracewell’s ethos continues to serve as a source of inspiration, as demonstrated by the tireless efforts of our lawyers on behalf of their pro bono clients.

Immigration and Asylum

Bracewell is committed to assisting those who are fleeing perilous conditions and seeking asylum. Our lawyers have devoted over 900 hours in the past year to immigration and asylum cases, serving more than two dozen applicants. Highlights of our work include representing numerous Afghan asylum seekers following the end of US occupation of Afghanistan, advocating for an Israeli family affected by the Israel-Hamas war, assisting a Ukrainian national with Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) application and filing a Violence Against Women Act petition to help a Jamaican client reunite with her children.

Prisoners’ Rights

Our firm believes in fair treatment for all prisoners and advocates fervently for those whose rights have been violated. In the past year, we have dedicated more than 900 hours to ensuring justice for prisoners. Among our notable cases, Bracewell represents an inmate at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in a civil rights complaint and a former inmate alleging mistreatment by officers after a fight with a cellmate.

Criminal Cases

Bracewell also fights for unjustly convicted prisoners. Our lawyers worked over 585 hours last year on pro bono criminal cases, including the representation of an Alabama death row inmate on a habeas petition, seeking a Criminal Justice Act appointment for a client involved in a drug and money laundering conspiracy and litigating against the West Memphis Police Department in Arkansas.

Non-Profit Support

Recognizing the invaluable contributions of non-profit organizations, Bracewell supports these entities in achieving their mission. Our pro bono efforts include over 475 hours of representation, spanning from helping Houston Arts Alliance with contract negotiations, to assisting VICTORY Houston in a settlement with the American Cancer Society and establishing 501(c)(3) charities for the Three Trees Invitational and Dimmit County Youth Football.

Consumer Advocacy

Bracewell stands up for consumers who fall victim to scams, fraud, theft and harassment. Over the past year, our lawyers dedicated more than 270 hours to consumer rights cases. We have represented a flood victim in a breach of contract matter and advocated for a client fighting a consumer debt case, ensuring their rights and interests are protected.

At Bracewell, pro bono work is not just an obligation — it’s a fundamental part of who we are. Our lawyers’ dedication to upholding justice and advocating for those in need reflects our unwavering commitment to making a lasting difference.