June 29, 2022 | Law360 | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Catherine Little and Annie Cook recently gave comments to Law360 about their move to the firm.

Little and Cook said their move to Bracewell comes as the industry faces a transitional moment. “Our move to Bracewell comes at a pivotal time for the industry, with the convergence of environmental, pipeline safety, and energy transition issues,” they said. “Bracewell is perfectly poised to help clients manage these issues successfully, including transportation by pipeline of more carbon-neutral products such as hydrogen and CO2.”

Both Little and Cook also expanded on how essential oil and gas infrastructure is to helping meet American demand, and how their expertise would be essential to facilitating more of that infrastructure.

“This country needs oil and gas infrastructure to meet demand in the US and globally,” they said. “Whether it is new or old infrastructure, managing pipeline and LNG safety issues is essential to the operations and maintenance of those critical facilities to protect the public and the environment. Our timing in joining Bracewell could not be better for our clients, given the breadth and depth that we offer.”

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