March 11, 2024 | 1 minute read

Policy veteran and Baker Hughes’ super-smart Chief Sustainability Office, Allyson Anderson Book, joins Madam Policy for an all-new episode. Allyson chats with hosts Dee Martin and Brittany Pemberton about her strategy for ESG reporting and harmonization, as well as her leadership role in diversifying the perspectives at the decision-making table. Want to hear more about how the skills of the current energy workforce can be parlayed into the net-zero emissions economy? Want to join Allyson and Dee as they take a quick stroll down memory lane, remembering the work they did together to help ensure certainty in the nation’s helium supply (it’s not just for balloons!)?  What advice would sustainability champion and geoscientist Allyson Anderson Book would give to her 24-year-old self? Tune in and find out!