December 08, 2022 | 1 minute read

WASHINGTON, DC – E. Dee Martin and Scott H. Segal from the Bracewell Policy Resolution Group (PRG) have been recognized as top lobbyists in 2022 by The Hill, a Washington, DC-based publication that focuses on politics, policy, business and international relations.

Martin, who co-chairs PRG, worked with clients and policymakers in 2022 to help shape and pass hydrogen-related legislation related to the clean energy transition. Martin created and hosts the award-winning Madam Policy –a podcast by and about women shaping policy and creating history – which has published more than 70 episodes to date. 2022 marks the sixth year in a row that Martin has been recognized as a top lobbyist by The Hill.

Segal, who also serves as PRG’s co-chair, had major successes on refining, electric power, critical minerals and appliance issues this year. 2022 marks the 16th year that Segal has been recognized as a top lobbyist by The Hill.