June 4, 2024 | Law360 | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Andrew Shaw discussed with Law360 the opportunity to join the firm’s Policy Resolution Group and what challenges clients are facing in a time of political uncertainty.

“I feel excited and enthused to join the Bracewell team given their leading reputation for the work they do on energy and environmental legal and policy issues,” Shaw said.

He added that joining Bracewell is an exciting opportunity to continue to help clients in the energy space and to be able to offer and provide a whole range of solutions.

Shaw also said that clients are currently seeing challenges in a few different buckets.

“I think anybody in the energy industry — irrespective of whether it’s renewables, nuclear, oil and gas — they’re all facing permitting challenges at the state, local and federal level,” he said.

The second big challenge, according to Shaw, is the political uncertainty as the nation heads into the November election.

“I think, irrespective of the results of the election, there will be uncertainty and different challenges and opportunities for clients,” Shaw said. “The election and what it means … we get quite a bit from clients as they look to invest and ratchet up operations.”