March 07, 2023 | The New York Times | 1 minute read

Bracewell Policy Resolution Group Senior Principal Frank Maisano discussed with The New York Times the impact of climate-change advocate Senator Sheldon Whitehouse becoming chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, which shapes federal spending and revenue.

Maisano said that despite Whitehouse’s endless quest to fight climate change, he has distinguished himself by being willing to work with Republicans.

“Sheldon is willing to go over that line and talk to people and find practical solutions,” Maisano said. “It’s shown through already in his work on carbon capture and nuclear. A lot of these climate activists, and House progressives, would never be willing to do that.”

Would that ever translate into enough Republican votes to pass a carbon tariff?

“Perhaps,” added Maisano. “There’s a middle ground there if you’re willing to find it, and guys like Sheldon Whitehouse have been willing to find it — even with his strong values on the environmental side.”

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