May 23, 2024 | Law360 | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Nicole Boeckmann chatted with Law360 on joining the firm and the opportunity to work alongside her former colleagues.

“Bracewell has a stellar reputation in the Eastern District of New York and, in fact, throughout the Department of Justice,” Boeckmann said. “That is so critical to client success. Let’s not forget the opportunity to be part of a growing team and work alongside my former colleagues Seth DuCharme and Judge Roslynn R. Mauskopf, as well as the iconic Judge Barbara Jones; that really sealed my decision to join Bracewell.”

Boeckmann also addressed spending her entire career working in public service before joining Bracewell.

“Working in public service provided a unique platform to advocate for the public interest and engage directly with the community,” Boeckmann said. “What I enjoyed most about that experience was the opportunity to work on a broad range of challenging cases, which required both rigorous legal strategy and a deep understanding of the human elements at play. The sense of purpose and the opportunity to contribute to the public good were profoundly fulfilling, shaping me not only as a lawyer but as a citizen committed to service.”