January 27, 2022 | The Washington Post/Associated Press | 1 minute read

Bracewell Policy Resolution Group Senior Principal Frank Maisano recently called into question the methodology of a recent Stanford University study that showed natural gas burning stoves posing a greater risk to the planet and public health.

The researchers conducted the study by “wrapping kitchens in plastic, which is in no way a realistic measure of the circumstances in a typical home,” Maisano told The Washington Post. “It is too bad that we aren’t trying to find out more important things about indoor air quality rather than pushing a political agenda centered around electrification.”

Maisano also explained to the Associated Press how consumers “can already choose electric appliances if they want. People just like gas appliances because they perform better, especially in colder climates.”

“Natural gas appliances are generally more energy- and cost-effective than their electric counterparts,” Maisano also told the AP.

Maisano added that people should always use hood ranges and make sure they have proper ventilation.

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