August 03, 2021 | Law360 | 1 minute read

Wilson Jones talked with Law360 about the decision to join Bracewell to head up the firm’s healthcare regulatory and litigation practice. Jones is part of a seven-lawyer team that joined Bracewell from Thompson & Knight. The team began looking for a new firm following Thompson & Knight’s announcement in April that it was in talks to merge with Holland & Knight.

According to Jones, the team was attracted to Bracewell because of its commitment to keep its healthcare practice on the side of healthcare providers.

“There are a lot of firms that represent both payers and providers, and Bracewell made the decision to only represent providers so they don’t have those conflicts,” said Jones.

Jones describes Bracewell as having a “full service health care group” that includes lobbyists, transactional lawyers and litigation across the nation.

“I think we filled in a lot of gaps for Bracewell and they filled in a lot of gaps for us,” Jones said.

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