July 09, 2024 | Law360 Pulse | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Constance Rhebergen recently participated in Law360 Pulse’s Expert Analysis series on mental health and well-being.

Rhebergen discusses how she handles the stress of being a practice chair, how sources of stress have changed in the legal industry over the past 10 years and steps the industry can take to prioritize mental health.

As for steps the legal industry needs to take as a whole to prioritize mental health, Rhebergen said firms must continue to focus on well-being alongside client service. Encourage taking time for family, friends and community. This time should be planned just as mindfully as preparing a business schedule.

Rhebergen added that law firms, corporate legal departments and law schools can start by signing the American Bar Association’s Well-Being Pledge as Bracewell did. Launched in 2017, the pledge aims to “improve the substance use and mental health landscape of the legal profession, with an emphasis on helping legal employers support a healthy and sustainable work environment. Participating in the Pledge is a visible way for legal employers to help break down barriers to obtaining mental health support.”