June 07, 2022 | Energy Voice | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Gordon Stewart recently spoke with Energy Voice about Namibia’s potential as a hydrogen energy source for Europe.

Stewart said Germany in particular was concerned about its exposure to Russian gas and the impact on its industrial economy. Germany has recently announced plans to launch LNG infrastructure that can also offtake hydrogen supplies.

“The Bundestag underwriting significant offtake would underpin the significant capital investment by both equity and project finance debt, depending on the terms of the support,” Stewart said. “When coupled with its historic ties to Namibia, there seems an obvious role for the German government to be able to play in supporting the development of Namibian green hydrogen whilst also serving its energy security needs.”

Namibia has a “number of natural advantages, including excellent renewable resources in the form of solar irradiation and wind resource,” added Stewart. “Namibia has been steadily expanding its renewable generation capacity through public tenders although most hydrogen projects are aiming to construct captive power solutions for their electrolysers.”

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