March 26, 2024 | Law360 | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Erick Sandlin recently contributed to Law360’s Expert Analysis series where attorneys discuss how their extracurricular activities enhance professional development, providing insights and pointers that translate to the office, courtroom and beyond.

Sandlin, who picked up spray paint art as a hobby, explains how working on art pieces has surprisingly come to complement his litigation practice.

“My role as an artist is to recognize the twists and turns, and to guide the process without stifling it. Often the painting that emerges is something that I could never have imagined before I began painting,” described Sandlin.

“The same thing is often true in litigation. When I begin working on a new case, I may have a certain vision of how the case should go, but as the case progresses, there are so many unforeseen variables that come into play.”