April 27, 2021 | E&E News | 1 minute read

Bracewell Policy Resolution Group Senior Principal Frank Maisano recently discussed with E&E News how long-term migration patterns can have an effect on the energy industry.

“It’s about the trends that we’ve been seeing for a while, which is people moving away from areas that either economically have struggled or are high-cost-of-living areas. And they’re moving to areas that are more low-tax, better areas for independence,” Maisano said, referring to states with conservative, pro-business leadership like Texas and Florida.

“That’s what the energy industry has done for years as well. It’s located in places where there’s more land, they provide good jobs, they’re good-paying jobs,” he continued.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an oil and gas thing, it’s a renewables thing too. Because most of those states where you’re seeing growth, you’re seeing a build-out of the renewables industry as well.”

Different population growth patterns around the country mean a shuffling of congressional seats, with Texas, Montana, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina and Oregon gaining seats. On the other hand, five Great Lakes states will each lose one seat due to shifting populations: Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.

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