May 11, 2023 | PBS NewsHour | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Scott Segal discussed with PBS NewsHour the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest move to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, including the potential use of carbon capture and sequestration.

Segal said, “There is a very bright future for carbon capture and sequestration. There are some big industrial projects, multi-billion-dollar projects, being constructed, for example, in the Midwest, to deal with the emissions that come from biofuel production.”

“But in the power sector, there are very few examples of commercial scale application of CCS,” added Segal, which is the industry’s current argument.

The EPA points to a working CCS factory in Canada that has been operating for 10 years very successfully to show the technology is ready. Critics of the EPA’s rule point to it being too costly for industry and will force coal and gas plants out of existence.