September 16, 2021 | 1 minute read

Elizabeth McGinley was a speaker on the “Understanding Carbon Capture Technology” panel at the Kayo Energy Transition Summit on September 21-22, 2021. Over 200 guests from approximately 150 different private equity firms, energy companies, financial institutions and professional services firms attended both live and virtually.

 Joining Liz on the panel were Ann Banks, Senior Vice President at 8 Rivers Capital, Christina Staib, Senior Client Engagement Lead for Global CCS Institute and Jessica Bonsall, Director, ESG for ACA Compliance Group.

The panel’s primary topic focused on carbon capture as a critical technology to decarbonize industries dependent on fossil fuels

Key takeaways from the panel discussion included:

  • carbon tax or price could accelerate the development of carbon capture projects
  • To continue development of the CCUS industry, government support is necessary
  • Each state has unique regulations and incentives with respect to carbon capture and sequestration that should not be overlooked
  • Internal Revenue Code Section 45Q credits for carbon sequestration are critical incentives for the development of carbon capture and sequestration

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