July 14, 2020 | Law360 | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Danielle Varnell talked with Law360 reporter Clark Mindock about joining the firm and the outlook of the renewables sector.

Varnell told Law360 that she and Bracewell are undeterred by the bleak economic picture associated with the coronavirus pandemic, and believe the renewables sector will flourish in years to come as companies and governments seek to move toward carbon neutrality and other environmental goals.

She added that Bracewell’s full list of supporting practices were part of what attracted her to the firm, and that the transition to working with her new colleagues has gone smoothly, even with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting normal workflows across the country.

“All the supporting pieces for what I do were there and were very well developed and everyone at the firm sort of speaks the same language as I do regarding energy,” she said. “So that I think will be a real benefit for clients and benefit to me as well.”

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