December 16, 2020 | Law360 | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Scott Segal discussed with Law360 the credentials of former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who President-elect Joe Biden has reportedly picked as his administration’s energy secretary nominee.

DOE leadership tends to seesaw between technical experts and political leaders. Segal said Granholm fits comfortably into the latter category, and her experience with Michigan’s clean energy transition will help the Biden administration tackle its ambitious climate change and clean energy goals.

“She’s met budgets and had to balance economic and environmental objectives in setting energy policy,” Segal told Law360. “That will come in handy running DOE.”

Segal added Granholm’s political experience will also be an asset in dealing with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Most federal funding for energy research and development flows through the DOE, and the agency’s programs enjoy consistent bipartisan support.

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