December 22, 2021 | E&E News | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Jeff Holmstead discussed with E&E News how “puzzling” it has been that President Joe Biden has yet to announce his pick for EPA assistant administrator for air and radiation, a role that takes on even greater importance with climate legislation stalling on Capitol Hill.

“If you look at their high-priority issues, many of them deal with the air office,” said Holmstead. “For those on the outside watching, it has been puzzling.”

Biden is lagging behind his predecessors in filling this position. Several presidents, including Trump, Obama and George W. Bush, had their nominee for the role confirmed within their first year in office.

“I always thought it was the second-most important job at EPA, just given its scope,” Holmstead said. “EPA’s air office regulates everything from power plants to chemical facilities to cars, buses and trucks and even lawn mowers.”

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