December 11, 2020 | Bloomberg | 1 minute read

Scott Segal, co-chair of Bracewell’s Policy Resolution Group, spoke to Bloomberg about the return of Tom Vilsack to oversee the US Department of Agriculture. If nominated and confirmed by the Senate, Vilsack, who served eight years under Barack Obama, would be one of the country’s longest-serving USDA secretaries.

Segal says Vilsack could play a part in shaping President-elect Joe Biden’s electric vehicle and fuel policies. While Vilsack is expected to reprise his role as a bullish supporter of biofuels, Biden has promoted electric vehicles and taken a more nuanced approach to the Renewable Fuel Standard that mandates biofuel use.

Vilsack “knows the range of fuels of the future don’t just include the most traditional forms of biofuel but also newly developed advanced fuels like renewable diesel and like the renewable products that may be used for aviation fuel,” Segal said. “He will probably be looking at what’s coming next, not just what’s come before.”

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