December 14, 2020 | The Texas Lawbook | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Barron Wallace, who is considered one of the top bond lawyers in Texas, was recently profiled by The Texas Lawbook.

Wallace says public finance was a natural fit with his interests when selecting a practice. “Public finance is an area of law that blends public policy and finance,” he said. “It fit a lot of buckets for me.”

In Texas, Wallace estimates that there are less than 100 public finance attorneys; thirty of whom are at Bracewell.

“It’s been a really great ride for us,” Wallace said of his time at Bracewell. “We’ve been able to expand our practice in many ways and really build on the strengths that we had.”

Looking ahead, Wallace said his goal is to help expand Bracewell’s public finance practice on the national platform.

“We have an incredibly strong Texas presence, but we want to expand that,” Wallace said.

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