December 07, 2023 | 1 minute read

WASHINGTON, DC – The Hill has named Bracewell LLP Policy Resolution Group Co-Chairs E. Dee Martin and Scott H. Segal to its 2023 Top Lobbyists list, which honors individuals for the results “they’ve delivered for their clients, companies, trade associations and advocacy groups in the nation’s capital.”

Martin, who has been recognized as a Top Lobbyist by The Hill for seven years in a row, worked with clients and policymakers this year to help shape important policies related to the advancement of the clean energy transition. Through her Madam Policy podcast, Martin also highlighted many of the women leading the clean energy transition, including guests from the executive and legislative branches as well as from industry and non-governmental organizations.

Segal, named for the 17th consecutive year, has more than three decades of experience across a broad range of policy and communications issues, particularly emphasizing energy, the environment and natural resources. In 2023, he worked closely with legislative and executive branch officials on new cutting-edge clean-energy technologies. Industry leaders in electric power production, fuel manufacturing, critical minerals – and other sectors – have turned to him for leadership on emerging legislation, regulations and industrial transformation.

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