November 17, 2020 | 1 minute read

The Trump administration arrived four years ago with a strong deregulatory agenda, which included a number of promised changes to Clean Air Act (CAA) rules and policies. After getting off to a slow start, the Trump EPA carried out a number of reforms, both large and small, that environmental groups and many congressional democrats denounced as “rollbacks.” Assuming that a Biden Administration takes office on January 20, 2021, what will become of the Trump reforms? How much running room will a Biden EPA have to take aggressive regulatory actions under the CAA to reduce emissions of CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gases? What else can we expect from the CAA over the next four years?

Please join Jeff Holmstead and Whit Swift for a discussion of these issues. Jeff held senior government positions during two transitions from one party to another and advised Trump officials during the transition from the Obama Administration. And both Jeff and Whit have years of experience working on CAA issues in Washington DC and around the country.