Clark Lord has a wide-range of experience in the public sector and in private practice. He serves special districts and governmental clients, many of which he created through the legislative or regulatory process, in a variety of areas ranging from their day-to-day affairs, to bond issuances. Clark frequently represents developer clients on special land development issues involving governmental regulations and bureaucracy. His experience with economic development matters has enabled him to create economic development programs for a variety of governmental units. He also represents many private developers and businesses in a variety of economic development transactions. Additionally, Clark drafts and lobbies for legislation involving special districts and economic development clients and industry. He often serves on special legislative working groups and committees in this area.

Clark is a frequent lecturer on economic development, special districts, and real estate development at various industry conferences and educational forums. Prior to entering private practice, he spent five years in the Houston City Attorney’s Office managing economic development, special finance and land use matters.