April 22, 2020 | Law360 | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Jeff Vaden recently discussed with Law360 reporter Michelle Casady a five-year case accusing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton of violating state securities laws.

Delays in the case have stemmed from issues raised both by the defense team and the special prosecutors. While fading memories and aging evidence could concern the prosecutors, the defense team has other interests to weigh when it comes to the stalled litigation, said Vaden, who practices white collar defense and is a former assistant US attorney.

“Many times, the longer a case hangs around, it wears on the defendant. Reputational damage, it lingers,” Vaden said. “But in Mr. Paxton’s case, he seems to be someone who has kind of weathered that storm. He’s a sitting attorney general. You don’t hear much press about the pending criminal case at all.”

Paxton was formally accused in an August 2015 felony indictment of failing to inform those he recruited to invest in a technology company that he would be paid a commission. The case then became mired by contentious fights over venue and prosecutor pay, appeals, Hurricane Harvey and, most recently, a pandemic. But the charges remain before a Harris County District Court judge.

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