August 10, 2020 | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Tom Swarbrick, who is “one of only a handful of non-contentious specialist lawyers in the Persian Gulf,” was recently featured by Law360 as one of its 2020 Construction Rising Stars.

What motivates him:

Swarbrick, who considers it “enormously satisfying” to get the legal aspects of an energy project done, especially in the face of intense time pressure, said he puts service delivery at the top of his motivations every day.

“We act for big clients, sophisticated clients [in] challenging jurisdictions,” he said, and over years of working closely with them on the details, the projects become even more rewarding over time. “There’s enormous satisfaction in getting the deal done and making it happen.”

The 38-year-old lawyer has delved into energy projects from Qatar to Armenia and Central Africa.

Download Swarbrick’s entire Law360 profile below: