December 20, 2021 | Power Finance & Risk | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Danielle Garbien participated in the “Power Finance & Risk Hedging and Offtake Strategies Roundtable 2021” this past December. Garbien discussed a host of topics including challenges impacting hedges and offtake contracts, fixed-shape hedges, renewable energy tax credits, financing merchant renewable energy projects, energy storage, combinations of hedges, PPAs, structured products, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

On how ESG has moved the needle in the ways that corporate offtakers do business, Garbien said:

“We’re seeing a significant uptick in the corporate PPAs. Many of the large oil and gas players with ESG requirements are getting more involved with the development and operations of renewable assets where they have the means to invest in those kinds of projects. So, certainly we’re seeing an increase in development from various sectors that weren’t traditionally in the market.”

Download the entire PFR Hedging and Offtake Strategies Roundtable 2021 below.