February 10, 2021 | Insurance Journal | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Vince Morgan joined the “Insuring Cyber Podcast” with Elizabeth Blosfield to offer his best advice for policyholders and insurers among the increasing cyber risk landscape.

“It used to be a year ago, companies had a much easier time in protecting their networks and the information that they contain because most people went to a centralized office and the computers were all on one network, and it was easier to manage that,” he says.

However, he says this is no longer the case with companies that now have hundreds or even thousands of employees working from home on a daily basis.

“That’s hundreds or thousands of new network access points that can be vulnerabilities,” added Morgan. “So what we’ve been advising our corporate policyholder clients is, ‘Look, you might’ve made representations about what your network security protocols were and those kinds of things. You need to revisit those today to find out: does [working from home] work for your cyber insurance?’”

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