December 04, 2019 | Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence | 1 minute read

Bracewell’s Mark Lewis and Kirk Morgan discuss in the November 2019 special issue of Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence issues with which buyers of US-sourced liquefied natural gas (LNG) should be familiar, focusing on US natural gas supply and pipeline development matters that are important to purchasing decisions by buyers.

As the world continues to seek ways to utilize less carbon-emitting energy sources, natural gas has become increasingly important to providing the necessary reliability and security of supply for power generation in a manner that is more environmentally friendly than other alternatives. One of the challenges to the increasing availability of natural gas-fueled power is the need to transport abundant natural gas supplies from the world’s production areas to the areas of market demand.

In the US and other regions of the world that are both major producers and consumers of natural gas, pipelines serve as the primary means of transportation. With the advent of the shale gas revolution, the US has significantly increased its gas production, ensuring sufficient supply to handle its own needs and becoming an exporter of LNG. In fact, the US is now the world’s largest producer of natural gas.

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