December 03, 2021 | 1 minute read

Partner Danielle Garbien moderated a panel discussion on “Looking Beyond the Conventional PPA: Emerging Offtake Strategies, Hedging and Deal Structures” at Infocast’s Projects & Money Summit in New Orleans on January 27, 2022.  The panel discussed:

  • What are the financing & risk implications of new deal structures and how do parties to a deal get comfortable with them?
  • What risks are hedge-able in what kinds of markets, and why?
  • What are the current risk appetites and risk exposure that offtakers are comfortable with?
  • Why are corporate renewable energy buyers considering hedge agreements over traditional PPAs?
  • How do developers deal with pressure from offtakers to deliver different PPA products that are responsive to their needs?
  • How are social impact and ESG driving changes to the traditional PPA?
  • What are the innovations in PPA structures or hedges for standalone storage or renewables + storage?